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The Cultural Maze: Complex Questions on Native Destiny in Western Canada

1991 John W Friesen
Detselig Enterprises.

ISBN: 978-1550590302
Native people in Western Canada today face a myriad of complex questions in virtually every sphere of functioning–legal, economic, educational, and spiritual to name a few. This book explores the different aspects of some of the pertinent issues affecting the Native Community, with a view to clarifying the underlying challenges. Read More »

The Palgrave Companion to North American Utopias

2004 John W Friesen and Virginia Lyons Friesen
Palgrave MacMillan.

ISBN: 978-1403963994
The Palgrave Companion to North American Utopias is a uniquely insightful examination of utopian socieities, past and present, ranging from New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to the Oregon coast and Western Canada. In this comprehensive and colorful history, we are introduced to visionary leaders and communities Read More »

The Riel/Real Story: An Interpretive History of the Metis People of Canada

1994 John W Friesen
Borealis Press.

ISBN: 0-88887-182-1
The Metis people of Canada are unique. Their origins emanate from a merger of two of the nation’s founding peoples–resident First Nations and immigrant French. Their development and formation into a distinct culture is intricately linked with the role of their revered leader, Louis Riel. Read More »

We Are Included! The Métis People of Canada Realize Riel’s Vision

2004 John W Friesen and Virginia Lyons Friesen
Detselig Enterprises.

ISBN: 978-1550592726
The Métis people of Canada are experiencing a coming of age, a new beginning. Weary of living below the poverty level, amid poor social conditions, and with minimal educational opportunities, their leaders have finally addressed these issues with an effective voice. On September 19, 2003, they gained the legal right to be recognized as Aboriginal Read More »

Western Canadian Native Destiny: Complex Questions on the Cultural Maze

2008 John W Friesen and Virginia Lyons Friesen
Detselig Enterprises Ltd.

ISBN: 978-1550593556
The First Nations of Canada have survived many cultural onslaughts since European contact. However, they still face a myriad of socioeconomic, educational, and legal challenges if they are to experience socioeconomic success in the twenty-first century. Read More »

What's Your Church Like?

2007 John W Friesen and Virginia Lyons Friesen
Xulon Press.

ISBN: 978-1602666078
coming soon. read more on amazon

You Can’t Get There From Here: The Mystique of North American Plains Indians’ Culture & Philosophy

1995 John W Friesen

ISBN: 978-0787211103
People are agreed that the cultural beliefs and practices of North American First Nations are unique, intriguing and different! Putting it even more strongly, the Read More »
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