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Public interest in the First Nations way of life is mounting. Through numerous onsite visits to Aboriginal communities from Alberta and Saskatchewan to Texas (including fourteen visits to the Native American southwest), the Friesens have pursued their interests in Plains First Nations and Métis history. Their special interests include Indigenous Spirituality and Theology, Native Legends, art and education. Their scholarly repertoire includes teaching, conducting workshops, and publishing.
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The Friesens’ literary journey is actually an educational opportunity of a lifetime, and for educators, students, libraries and others who count on well-documented facts to guarantee accurate results, one that shouldn’t be missed. Just as they have in all eight of the titles they’ve co-written since 2001, the pair have used thorough research techniques that ensure historical accuracy…It is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship that proves there’s nothing more powerful than the written word…

–John Copley, Alberta Native News

And Now You Know: 50 Native American Legends

2009 John W Friesen and Virginia Lyons Friesen
Detselig Enterprises Ltd.

ISBN: 978-10593846
Before the printing press dominated the world of formal communication, families, communities, and cultures all over the world relied solely on the oral tradition to pass along revered knowledge. Much valued cultural content, particularly spiritual or historical beliefs and practices, was transmitted through legends or stories shared between generations. This responsibility rested with formally acknowledged storytellers, as well as elders. This practice was very much the case with Aboriginal tribes in North America. This collection of North American Aboriginal cultural stories represents only a small component of this vast store of oral literature, and underscores the magnitude of its scope across Native American and Canadian Aboriginal tribes. read more on the publisher’s website
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