You Can’t Get There From Here: The Mystique of North American Plains Indians’ Culture & Philosophy

1995 John W Friesen

ISBN: 978-0787211103
People are agreed that the cultural beliefs and practices of North American First Nations are unique, intriguing and different! Putting it even more strongly, the basic presupposition of this book is that the underlying rationale of many traditional Aboriginal ways is fundamentally incomprehensible to the uninitiated. This book is committed to substantiating that thesis through a series of arguments. When these arguments have been studied, my contention is that readers will come away no more enlightened about North American Aboriginal ways, but they may gain an appreciation for the claim that a substantially modified mind-set is necessary if even the beginnings of understanding are to be attained. This has reference to the title of the book, You Can’t Get There From Here, implying that in order for outsiders (non-Natives) to attempt such an undertaking, we will have to start from somewhere else. Even then, the end result of such a pursuit should not be the main objective.
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