Legends of the Elders Series

2005 Virginia Lyons Friesen and John W Friesen
Detselig Enterprises.

ISBN: 978-1550592955
The Legends of the Elders series is comprised of four illustrated legends books accompanied by a teaching guide for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. The stories in the series are brought to life through fun and educational lessons that have been designed specifically to promote active student participation for ease of learning. Lessons focus on particular areas of instruction such as Mathematics, Computer Research, Language Arts, and Physical education, as well as an important developmental abilities like Comprehension, Fine Motor Skills, Critical Thinking, and Cooperation. The Legends Series is intended to encourage students to gain understanding of Native American history, cultures, lifestyles, and heritage through the study of legends. This objective coincides with provincial and state curriculum requirements. The activities included in this handbook will provide students with a fun, hands-on, historical, and cultural experience. The Handbook contains an activity and a suggested grade level for each legend from the four books in the series. These activities may be adapted to use with other legends, or at different grade levels. Each Legend Activity includes an explanation of how to use the material provided and may include some or all of the following components:
  1. Tribe/First Nation: identifies the tribe that is acknowledged as narrating a particular legend;
  2. Curriculum Connection: addresses required subject matter such as physical education, art, and many others;
  3. Grade Level: suggested grade level for the activity;
  4. Objective: student goals or teacher objectives;
  5. Background: points that need to be clarified to enhance understanding of the legend;
  6. Focus Questions: for use at the beginning of the lesson to accentuate student interest, and:
  7. Activity: enhances the study of each particular legend and makes learning fun.
Legends Books Series:
Each book, authored by southern Alberta writers, John and Virginia Friesen, retells many interesting stories form the Aboriginal community and in doing so offers readers a privileged look into the past, to a time when the stories of the Elders were accepted for what they really were, lessons about life. …an ideal gift item for any child and every adult who loves to read…thought provoking tales and legends…Although the Friesens’ books carry just about every type of legend, they don’t cross the line when it comes to Indigenous spirituality.

–John Copley, Alberta Native News, April 2006
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