Still More Legends of the Elders

2005 John W Friesen and Virginia Lyons Friesen
Detselig Enterprises.

ISBN: 978-1550592795
Still More Legends of the Elders is the third in a four-volume collection of stories passed down through generations of North American First Nations. “More Legends” inspire young readers to develop said principles, while “Learning Legends” encourage them to seek understanding of the world around them. The “Trickster Legends” have the well-known mischievous character bringing a wide variety of life’s lessons to our attention through surprise and laughter. The tales found within Still More Legends of the Elders offer insight and amusement, while providing readers with a rich tapestry of traditions woven from the very fabric of North American Aboriginal culture.  
Legends Books Series:
Each book, authored by southern Alberta writers, John and Virginia Friesen, retells many interesting stories form the Aboriginal community and in doing so offers readers a privileged look into the past, to a time when the stories of the Elders were accepted for what they really were, lessons about life. …an ideal gift item for any child and every adult who loves to read…thought provoking tales and legends…Although the Friesens’ books carry just about every type of legend, they don’t cross the line when it comes to Indigenous spirituality.

–John Copley, Alberta Native News, April 2006
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