The Community Doukhobors: A People in Transition

1989 John W Friesen and Michael M. Verigin
Borealis Press.

ISBN: 978-0888879059
It is fortunate that enough knowledge and experience of the old ways remains so that trans-generational comparisons can be made to determine the direction that community Doukhobors may select. Village ways, once the primary hotbed for individual memories, are also gone but their essence can still be recaptured through a visit with the older folk. The fulfillment of those purposes is evident in the following pages [of the book], and as an added bonus a projection into the future is offered. This story is fascinating in content but probably not too optimistic concerning the Doukhobor future. Most of all, however, it is offered as a tribute to the community Doukhobors, the quiet in the land, a people who have added to the riches of the nation through living out the philosophy of toil and peaceful life. Michael M. Verigin has been active with Doukhobor societies for all of his life. Born into a Doukhobor village near Cowley, Alberta, he has been Secretary-Treasurer of the United Doukhobors of Alberta since 1974. He served for six years as a board member of the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood Trust Fund, representing Alberta, and is currently a member of the Alberta Cultural Heritage Council. He also serves as a councilman for the Village of Cowley.
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