Do Christians Forgive? Well, Some Do…

2000 John W Friesen
Borealis Press.

ISBN: 978-0888872586
Most people believe in forgiveness, but they are not always willing to forgive. The question, Do people forgive? is relevant to any human relationship but forgiveness is rarely initiated without some degree of restraint and anguish. When the ingredient of Christianity is added to the query, however, forgiveness is supposed to be predictable and readily forthcoming. But is this always so? This book answers that question by incorporating solicited personal stories of forgiveness against a background of theoretical considerations drawn form the fields of psychology, theology, and biblical exegesis. Do Christians Forgive? Well Some Do… identifies the essential steps to forgiveness outlined by various practitioners, then delineates seven distinct levels of forgiveness. The study proposes that people too often settle for limited modes of forgiveness when greater benefits may be dervived from a deeper level of forgiveness through complete acceptance and full reconciliation. Do Christians forgive? Well, some do, and they do so by heeding the advice of therapists to take risks and become vulnerable and accepting in their relationships. In this way they open themselves to the greatest rewards that the human enterprise has to offer–genuine forgiveness–complete with reconciliation. Read this book; then, don’t settle for anything less!
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